This time I interview Mr. Roland Chilavert who is a Paraguayan league manager. Mr. Roland, Jose Luiz Chilavertfs brother, a former Paraguayan delegate football team goalkeeper, is a manager who has a phenomenal record that he has took part in 2003 FIFA World Youth Championship whit his U-20 Paraguayan delegate football team led. He came to Japan to enter in the SBS Cup at Shizuoka in 2002.

Roland Chilavert manager from PARAGUAY (05.06.02)

What is you incline when direct your team?
Primarily, it is discipline of the inside and outside of a pitch. It is important to success that all football players have 100% professional consciousness and religiously work at a workout, obeying discipline.

What part is Paraguayan football made utmost change for the last ten years?
As compared with the before, a national league is higher level. Each club has been made efforts to maintain their facilities allowed they to show higher quality football than before.
Also players who have high ability came, clubs steadily support an economic side of such players quickly expand the national league, I think.

What do you think of the future of Paraguayan delegate football team?
Paraguayan delegate football team reached the alternation of generations moment. It is hard for many veteran players who have been moved at it in a long time until now to continue to play on a stage like the South America heat and the World Cup. I think that many young players who may a replacement for them in Paraguay. A level of the present delegate is definitely not poor. I think there is strong possibility that they can reach the next world cup. I think that a higher level of the national league await a bright future to Paraguayan delegate football team.

Would you tell me some promising young players who may enter Paraguayan delegate football team in the future?
Julio dos Santos, MF, (Paraguay / Cerro Porteno), Edgar Barretto (the Netherlands / NEC), Dante Lopez (Paraguay / NACIONAL) and Victor Haedo (Germany / Werder Bremen) who played at U-20 that I led for two years are a player who has future and are already assembled in A delegate. I think that such players to be the essential support for Paraguayan delegate football team.

What is most remaining in your mind in your career as the manager?
After all, it is that I can take part in the World Youth Championship in the United Arab Emirates. It is a meeting that every manager dreams that they enter at least one time.

Would you tell me your experience in the World Youth Championship?
It is wonderful experience. Entering the world meeting mean you hit the top level and people in my country pin their great hope on the team move. As competitors I play are only top class countries my motivation rise highly. Paraguay who equally meets far wealthy countries economically repainted the history when we win at Germany for the first time on a game with them. Ultimately we lost at Spain who went on to the finals, 0-1, but substance of the match received high estimation in the mediafs report. I am extremely satisfied with the result that Paraguayan delegate football team left in the meeting.

What is your feeling of Japanese football when you come to visit Japan to enter in 2002 SBS Cup?
I think that there are many good players in Japanese football now and the level is very high. Young Japanese players we played in SBS Cup were dynamic and excelled at a technique. I think that Japanese players exceedingly progressed in a tactical side.



This time I interview Francisco Arce, Chiquiarce, who are former Paraguayan delegate football team right side back and belonged to Gamba Osaka in 2003. Arce who belonged to Gremio and Palmeiras in Brazil between 1995 and 2003 is famous for have lustrous careers that he contributed to taking the crown in a Brazilian national championship and a State championship and twice entering in Copa Libertadores.

Francisco Arce from PARAGUAY @VOL,1(05.04.16) &VOL.2 (05.04.25)

How old are you when you started football? Which time is your most unforgettable?
I stated playing football when I was 15 years old. 8 years from 23 to 31 years old in Brazil are wonderfulness to me. I who joined two great clubs, Gremio and Palmeiras, in best time can contribute to getting a great title, a victory in Copa Libertadores in the teams.

Would you tell me a characteristic of Paraguayan football?
They are a power to mark and intense play. There are many long shots. This is remnant of the old days there is little good condition ground. They are strong in aerial combat; it is made use in both of offense and defense.

Would you tell me a good and bad point of Paraguayan football?
A good point of Paraguayan football is that new players come into existence one after another. A club that has a high level subordinate organization train young players who are on a level that can play in the top team. A bad point is a thing that it is not unusual that the date and a ground is change suddenly because a national league cannot do its conduct properly. However, this has been improved bit by bit. In addition, Pitch condition and little number of spectators in league match should be improved.

What is Paraguayan football developed in recent years?
The number of a player who plays in abroad increased immensely than before. I think that Paraguayan delegate football team that successively took part in the World Cup became famous to the world raised such prompt.

Who is an idol in Paraguayan football to Chiquiarce?
I like very much Romerito (Julio Cesar Romero, MF) and Juan Manuel battaglia (FW) who made play of many years in Colombia played the last season as a football player in Cerro Porteno in my childhood.

Would you tell me your feeling of Brazilian and Japanese football?
Brazilian football almost lays a stress on technique than marking. Japanese football movement is quick and all players do marking, moving around in a pitch because it is very importance that following a ball. They are very good counterattack player. In addition, Japanese players very treasure discipline in their training imprinted me.

Is there difference in method of training due to country?
There is not that difference in it. However, Japanese training is considerable hard. Substance is the almost same as Japan in South America countries but they does not make quantity of training as Japan.

Who is imprinted with you in your opposition? What character does have the player?
I have many chances to play a star player when I was in Brazil. Ejiveuton who continued with a play still in commission is very troublesome player. A forward player does not mark normally side back but he do the job very well. He accompanies me even when I attack. He is very good offence and defense player.

What is you are concerned in a match?
It will be changed on a characteristic of an opposition but first; it is researching well on the opposition. Particularly, I carefully watched a tape recording in advance that a competitor team is filmed with my team staff cooperated so that I does not panic in a match because I play many players who excellent in speed and technique in side back, a position I played.

What requirement is players should have to succeed in Paraguayan football?
It is go without saying that they have technique but physicality is important than technique in football. For that reason they have to earnestly work on daily training and care for their body, concerning about their privacy. I think that this is the same in Paraguayan football as well as every country football in the world.

Chiquiarce who is 34 years old this year stepped out the delegate but continued with play still in commission in Cerro Porteno, a powerful team of a Paraguayan national league. We would like him to move ever as it is!


This time I asked Lorenzo Villalba, a football journalist in Paraguay. Mr. Lorenzo who started his career as a caster who broadcast a football match by relay 17 yeas ago worked as a journalist from ten years ago after worked at some radio stations. For your reference I heard that his favorite team is Olympiac.

Lorenzo Villalba from PARAGUAY (05.04.02)

What is a Paraguayan football character?
A Paraguayan football character is a very intense and vigorous play style. It is not enchanting football differ from Brazilian football but there is many players who excellent in technique in Paraguayan football.

Who is key player in Paraguayan delegate football team?
I cannot possibly narrow them to the sole player. I think that three players, Gamarra, DF, (Inter, Italy). Paredes, MF, (Reggina, Italy) and Cardozo, FW, (Toluca, Mexico), are most important players in the delegate. They who devoted everything to the delegate for years have been given joy to the Paraguayan nation. Paraguay carried off a silver medal at Athens Olympic games in last year because Gamarra and Cardozo let young team, Paraguayan U-23 delegate.

How do you think Paraguay versus Ecuador (defeat, 2-5) and Paraguay versus Chile (victory, 2-0) at a South America heat on the other day?
They got off to a good start in which there are speeds and force in Paraguay versus Ecuador but slow downed afterward. The soft defense and the goalkeeperfs mistake (especially when Ecuador scored first) in the middle stage of a game extinguished force of the front that is in condition. They who were easily breached the defense with the competitor conceded several goals in the second half. Lewis, the manager, betted with uses an unusual 3-5-2 system in Paraguay versus Chile. I think that this bet was good. Paraguayan delegate football team who excellently recovered from the severe result in Paraguay versus Ecuador showed a regular strength at the home ground to us.

Do Paraguayan delegate football team take part in the 2006 World cup?
I think that it is highly possible that they take part in the 2006 World cup. The delegate stated alternation of generations. Former star players, like Chilavert, Arce, Acuna, Campos and Ayala, quitted already. Indeed the gap is very great but players who newly entered the delegate do not still settled in the work but have a result. I think that the delegate surely takes part in the 2006 World cup in Germany with their insatiability utilized.

Finally, what are Japanese players can assimilate when they see Paraguayan football?
Paraguayan players stretch everything oneself have in a pitch and have a very powerful mentality that can reverse a disadvantageous result at the last second. I think that it is extremely good that Japanese football players feel such side at point-blank range.




This time I ask Tadeu de Oliveira ,a ehe` official agent who is in act in Brazil, about his work.

Tadeu de Oliveira from BRAZILi05.03.14j

How long have you been worked as the agent?
It is eleven years. I worked as the person in charge of a business section at a branch in Brazil of Umbro., Ltd the before.

Where is your office in Brazil?
I have an office consists of 10 employees at Porto Alegre on Rio Grande Do Sul State situated in south of Brazil.

What are clubs that you worked with?
I acquainted a player with strong clubs in Rio Grande Do Sul State like Gremio, Internacional and Juventude, all you already know, and a club in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Would you tell me your schedule?
Basically I mainly worked for players of first and second divisions in Brazil. I plan for an offer, adjusting to time that a European and Asian league open. We hand a profile and tape recording that we made so that a club can research the player to a club and we enter into negotiations for a contract when the other party liked the player.

What is difficulty in your agent business?
It is that I have to extract agreement with different parties like a player as well as a club to which the player transfer, a club that the player leave and other agent who I worked with when I negotiate for a transfer. In addition, it is difficult to me ascertain whether the player can adapt surely to a club to which the player transfer. This is an exceedingly important thing when the player transfers to a national club as well as particularly the player transfer to a foreign club.

What time do you feel challenge?
After all I'd be glad supremely when a club to which a player transfer are satisfied with both of play and human nature of the player who I acquainted with it.